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Serve as a member of the Leadership Team.             


Along with the Director of Audiology, take responsibility for the Center and its operations in the absence of the President.


Provide general direction for the ongoing speech and language program which shall include, but not be limited to:


-Maintain current contracts and assist in developing new ones;


-Assist in the development of new programs or services;


-Assume responsibility for expenditures, and make such expenditures from the speech materials/supplies budgets;


-Coordinate all activities of the speech-language department with other Center programs;


-Consult with families and patients regarding appropriateness of the Center’s services, appropriate community or out-of-state referrals, and to resolve their concerns about specific staff member’s services and/or the Center’s policies;


Review and compile speech department statistics at the request of the Office Manager or President.


Provide information about newly purchased or de-inventoried equipment for inventory; supervise the purchase, care, and repair of clinical equipment.


Provide management and supervision of speech-language staff which shall include, but not be limited to;


-Direct supervision of speech and language services as needed (e.g., employees completing their Clinical Fellowship Year; to insure smooth transition when patients are transferred between therapists; to monitor quality of services);


-Interview, assist in hiring, and orient newly employed speech pathologists;


-Provide written and oral performance appraisals and assist staff in the completion of yearly goals;


-Assist and take ultimate responsibility for supervision of student interns;


Monitor patient charts to assure adequate documentation, adherence to procedures, and general accuracy.


Suggest changes in clinical policies and/or procedures which will better meet patient and/or Center needs or which are felt necessary to comply with government regulations or national accreditation standards.  Document policy changes.  Familiarize all staff with policy changes.


Maintain Patient Scheduling Book and assist SLPs with scheduling patients as needed.  Create and manage schedules for new SLPs.


Provide speech, language, swallowing, fluency and/or voice evaluations, counseling, and therapy to all ages.  Complete accountability/quality assurance measures such as data keeping and peer reviews.  Maintain accurate, complete patient records and follow-up with families.  Maintain an appropriate caseload (70% productivity) via services conducted in-Center, or contract sites.


Aid in the projection of annual income and expense figures for the Speech-Language Department and, with the President monitor Department income and expenses throughout the year.


Maintain patient service goals, quality assurance goals, and general staff or department goals.  Be responsible for implementing strategies which will insure completion of these goals.


Assist the President in fulfilling requested administrative and marketing/public relations/fund development activities.


 At the request of the President serve as Center representative at local, state and national meetings, conferences, or conventions.


 Project a constructive, professional attitude about the Center.  Assume other appropriate      duties at the request of the President.


Create and implement marketing programs for Speech Department and combined efforts            between Speech and Hearing Departments.


 Monitor patient attendance.  Enforce attendance policies including problem solving with            families and therapists regarding scheduling, warning phone calls, writing warning and              termination letters.


Begin, monitor, and follow up with SLP credentialing (provider status for Medicaid and insurance carriers).


Review and document SLP CEU opportunities.  Provide Center sponsored CEU activities.


Maintain relationships with community partners including paraprofessionals, school, and medical contacts.


Monitor changes in documentation requirements by state and local agencies along with Office Staff members.


Attend grant meetings and assist with the creation and documentation of outcomes.


Provide opportunities for families to make up sessions in situations where the therapist is not available or no meeting time between family and therapist can be arranged.


Provide therapy on request for families in situations where a therapist may be absent for an extended amount of time.


Monitor documentation leaving the Center for professionalism and accuracy (i.e., evaluation reports, letters written by SLPs on behalf of families, legal documents requested by various agencies).


Assist in the care coordination of families of multiple children with special needs.


Provide referral and care coordination for families who contact the Center via phone, email, or through the website.


Responsible for reporting/proofreading department-specific content on website.


Develop, implement, and report on SLP incentive programs and weekly caseload status


Act as a liaison between SLPs and office or administrative staff.  Work tactfully to resolve conflict between staff members or departments.


Seek out and attend community events outside of typical working hours which may increase the visibility and outreach opportunities of the Center.


Support the President and encourage all staff to participate in activities and attitudes that will strengthen the Center financially, internally, and throughout the community.


Coordinate services/scheduling between SLPs to ensure programs are running as efficiently as possible.


Approve and report SLP ETO, Monthly Timesheets, and Mileage.


Actively target and visit established and potential service sites.  Develop personal relationships with daycare and preschool directors.  Work with them to develop new programs that will strengthen the community and ensure customer loyalty to the Center.


Update policy and procedure manual for Speech annually.


Provide HIPAA training annually for Speech staff.


Complete quarterly-biannual observations with goal review for each staff.




A Masters degree in Speech and Language Pathology and Georgia licensure.  At least three to five years of clinical experience with a history of successful supervision.




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