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QUALIFICATIONS:          (Including, but not restricted to the following):  The minimum qualifications include a high school education, good typing skills (including accurate spelling and grammar), a pleasant personality, excellent telephone voice and manners, and a cooperative attitude.  Knowledge of insurance is required.


RESPONSIBILITIES:        (Including, but not restricted to the following):


1.  Patients: 

     A.  Assure accuracy of appointments for audiology and speech utilizing appropriate referral formats and


     B.  File insurance

     C.  Daily posting/billing to patient accounts

     D.  Notification of past due accounts – forward to receptionist for posting to log

     E.  Maintain working knowledge of all patient account balances


2.  Office:

     A.  Assist office staff in answering the phone.

     B.  Cooperate with auditor’s functions here

     C.  Fill in at reception/authorization desk in the absence of office personnel

     D.  Prepare and distribute memos to the staff.

     E.  Compile time utilization reports and summaries.

     F.   Prepare Clinical Services Reports.

     G.  Maintain data for United Way (Gordon County and Northwest GA)

     H.   Annual review code books and update of super bill/charge tickets

      I.   Maintain daily banking

      J.  Continually seek better and more efficient ways to operate the general office which in turn benefits

               the entire Center’s operation.

      K.  Develop/Maintain HIPAA manuals

      L.  Act as Security Officer under HIPAA guidelines

      M.  Other duties as assigned by the President.


3.  President:

     A.  Handle all correspondence for the President.

     B.  Maintain the President’s appointment calendar and remind of appointments and meetings.  Also, see that she/he leaves the center in  

          sufficient time to meet out-of-the center engagements in a timely manner.

    C.  Schedule board meetings, committee meetings, staff meetings, departmental meetings, etc. , make arrangements for meeting rooms, and 

         notify participants of these meetings.

    D.  Maintain the President’s files and see that material is filed as soon as possible after handling.   

    E.  Attend staff meetings and departmental meetings and prepare minutes of each as soon as possible, distributing them to the individuals

         who attended.

    F.   Answer routine correspondence

    G.  Materials

                1.  Approve and submit  to the President all requisitions for purchase of equipment for the general

                     office department.

                2.  Obtain price quotes and purchase office supplies and equipment for the Center.

                3.  Maintain an inventory of material and equipment for the general office department.

                4.  Maintain the Center’s composite equipment inventory.

    H. Assist the President in the compilation of annual budgets.

     I.  Strive at all times to be the “right arm” of the President, relieving him of as many routine responsibilities  as possible so his time can be

         devoted to the major decision-making, management, and planning areas.


4.  HR:

     A.   Sign up new employees for withholdings, insurance, United Way pledges, and other deductions.

     B.   Complete all information associated with employment termination’s.

     C.   Maintain personnel records of center employees

     D.  Maintain time, attendance for all employees.


5.  Donors:

     A.  Maintain donor data base

     B.   Send letters of acknowledgment and appreciation to people who have made contributions

                    to the center.

 6.  Fundraising:

      A.  Assist with Coordination of fundraising activities

      B.  Events

     C.  Newsletters

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